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Current Study: Chronic Constipation - COMPLETED

Do You Suffer With Chronic Constipation?

It Can be a Serious Health Issue.

Constipation affects lives, yet many people fail to seek professional medical treatment or are unable to find a treatment that works. We are looking for participants to join our research study evaluating an investigational medication for chronic constipation.

If you suspect you have constipation, consider joining our research study. Click here to register or call 440-234-5700 for more information.

What Happens During The Study?

Participation in this research study will last between approximately 16 to 18 weeks, including at least two weeks of screening to determine eligibility. Eligible participants will receive 12 weeks of treatment with either the investigational medication or placebo taken once daily followed by two weeks of follow-up care.

During the study, you will attend clinic visits a total of 6 or 7 times for study related evaluation. Each day you will complete a few questions about your constipation symptoms on an electronic diary.

Am I eligible for this Study?

You may be eligible if you:
  • Are between 18 and 80 years old.
  • Have a history of constipation for at least 3 months, and do not know the cause of the constipation.
  • Loose stool is rarely present without the use of laxatives.
  • Have < 3 defecations per week.
  • In the past 3 months occasionally (about 25% of the time) have at least two of the following during BMs:
    • Straining.
    • Lumpy or hard stool.
    • Sensation of incomplete evacuation.
    • Sensation of a blockages or obstruction.

If you qualify to participate in this clinical research study you will:
  • Receive the study-related medication and a rescue laxative and procedures at no cost.
  • Receive study related laboratory and ECG testing at no cost.
  • Have the opportunity to help others.
  • Advance constipation research.
  • Help define an alternative treatment option for constipation.
  • Receive compensation for travel.

How do I get more information?

Simply call 440-234-5700 or text “HARD” to 55000*, or click here to sign up for more information.

Clinical research studies are the most promising way to test whether new investigational drugs or treatments are both safe and effective. In the United States, over 2.3 million people participate in clinical trials every year.

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