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Single Visit Study:  Genetically-Determined Medication Selection - The Future is Now
We stand on the threshold of a revolution in how medications are selected for individual patients.  

Some day, genetic material obtained from a cheek swab will be analyzed, and treatment recommendations made for specific patients, based on how they metabolize their medications, as well as characteristics of the drug’s site of action.  Some day…

Some day is today.  It is already possible for your doctor to swab the inside of your cheek and send the specimen off to a genomics laboratory that will analyze it for genetic markers of the types and activity of metabolic pathways by which a drug is processed by the body and eventually eliminated.  Most commercial insurance and Medicare will pay for this service.  So that part of the revolution is well under way.

What is new and being studied for eventual approval is not only the metabolic markers, but also various other parameters influencing risk and response to medication.  A comprehensive genetic profile is being developed for just such a purpose, and while perhaps years away from general use, this profile is available now, and at no charge, to those who are taking at least one medication and are willing to come to North Star Medical Research for a single visit in which a cheek swab will be obtained and analyzed.  A fully customized report based on the analysis will be made available to all participants.  This is a remarkable opportunity that will last only as long as specimens are needed to analyze, so any interested party is encouraged to contact us to learn more about the study and schedule the single, convenient visit.
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